Smart Solutions for Measurable Results

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The challenges keep coming for health plans – pressures to reduce costs, the mission to care for members, the ongoing flood of regulatory changes and requirements.

UST HealthProof helps client health plans across the country drive down costs and deliver results across core administration and clinical operations. Our integrated ecosystem delivers health plan technology solutions across all lines of government-sponsored healthcare business. Our teams are focused on building and delivering scalable, modular systems that solve problems for our client plans. We continue to build on our core capabilities with dynamic partners. In 2023, we welcomed Advantasure, a technology solutions company for government-sponsored health plans, as part of the UST HealthProof family. We are excited about building even stronger solutions and technical capabilities as we move forward together. Learn more about Advantasure

We’re shaping the future of healthcare by:
Lower Costs, Better Experiences
Lowering the total cost of care and creating better healthcare experiences for members + providers
Streamlined ecosystem
Creating a digital, core admin ecosystem where patient and provider touchpoints have less friction
Change Order
Accelerating Efficiency
Delivering faster, more efficient core admin processes for predictable operating expenses at a lower cost


We build to operate

Our outcome-based approach is proven to offer unmatched  speed, flexibility and operational efficiency. It lets you take a proactive stance. It enables you to adapt quickly to changes in the industry and evolve member engagement – all with less risk and lower costs.


Our core admin BPaaS is built on a modern ecosystem, proven processes and expert people.

Modern Ecosystem

Our modern ecosystem is cloud native and configured to meet your operational needs. It’s highly configurable. It provides easier and faster integration with new partners. It works with all major healthcare software on the market. And it lets you complete system upgrades at a lower cost and in half the time.

Proven Processes

From onboarding members to paying providers and everything in between, processes are the heartbeat of health plans. UST HealthProof builds to the unique and exact needs of your plan’s processes. Yet we bring standardization, automation, and compliance into everything we do. This gives you the best of both worlds: a custom ecosystem that delivers exactly what you need (and none of what you don’t) configured with all the benefits of our standardized, automated, and compliant approach.

Expert People

Our people are your people. We bring years of dedicated health plan experience and training. We have a dev ops mindset, and we build to operate. We work hand-in-hand and side-by-side with you. We work together to achieve your strategic objectives and goals.